Golf Lessons with Derrick Allen

Derrick Allen, a director of the Los Feliz Golf Academy and the senior professional golf instructor at Rancho Park Golf Course in Los Angeles, has nearly 3 decades of experience teaching and playing golf with over a thousand students including Mandy Patinkin, Morgan Freeman, David Duchovny, and sitting President Bill Clinton. Two of Allen's junior golfers are ranked first in Southern California in their age brackets, and a former student was a Los Angeles City Champion, winning a scholarship to UCLA. This student now plays on the LPGA's Futures Tour. In the past, Derrick served as a head coach for both the Crossroads School and Marymount High School varsity golf teams. Students can benefit from 1:1 private lessons from Derrick.

 Benefits and Features

Swing Lesson @ Range:

Build the fundamentals of the golf swing with any irons and woods, customized curriculum to develop individual strengths.

Putting Lesson:

Focusing on putting, tipping and sand, and how to manage the game on the green.

On-Course Lesson:

Learn rules of the game, and how to manage any golf course to play better and to get a lower score.

Golf Lessons for Kids

Golf Lessons for Adults