Our Story

In 1997, the director of the Los Feliz Golf Academy, Derrick Allen, launched his first golf summer camp, "Camp Camp Camper," for his junior students at Rancho Park Golf Course in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, the brand has had huge progress and evolved from a camp to a leading golf academy in quality and fun.

Our golf programs are created for all who like golf, going beyond age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, and other classification. Our services are quality, fun and essential, so people can freely join our programs and improve their golf skills.

 As our founder says, “The Los Feliz Golf Academy program is created to provide the educational envelopment of golf to all, and  to teach accurate golf skills and life lessons. This unique concept sets us apart from golf academies whose sole purpose is the pursuit of making golfers.”

 Make your golf game better with a proper process that creates incredible experiences!